Sunday, March 7, 2010

Really?! The Goodland needs an ice rink?

The Daily Sound reports that "Ice rink has dirt, now needs money"...

Although the Greater Santa Barbara Ice Skating Association hasn’t been aggressively fundraising, $2.2 million has already been pledged to build the rink. Officials estimate the total cost at about $8 million, although the economic downturn could produce more favorable bids.

Kathy Mintzer, the association’s president, said once $4 million has been raised, permits will be pulled. At $6 million, she said dirt will start moving at the site, which is valued at $1.3 million.

Really? Spend $8 million on an ice rink... in Goleta?! Why not make it a multi-use recreational center for the youth of this community? After all, Girsh Park is right next door, and they have nice fields for outdoor activities. After the ice rink gets built, how much money is it going to take annually to run this place? And for what? Just one use.

Your Thoughts: What's your thoughts on spending $8 million on an ice rink in Goleta? Good use of funds? Is it going to be under utilized once built? What's a better project to spend $8 million on in Goleta?

P.S. - If the Greater Santa Barbara Ice Skating Association is going to build an ice rink in Goleta, shouldn't they change their name to the Goleta Ice Skating Association?

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