Thursday, June 19, 2008

Goleta Raises Stakes with County on Taxes

Goleta Raises Stakes with County on Taxes

Tuesday was a day of bold moves for the city of Goleta, as council members voted to put two measures on November's ballot -- measures that if passed, would have far reaching consequences for Santa Barbara County. Both measures were vote in in an effort to offset the effects of the city's revenue neutrality agreement with the county and projected budget deficits.

"The voters giveth, and the voters taketh away," Bennett said.

"We're saying that we will not stop addressing the revenue neutrality agreement till we have exhausted every single opportunity to correct it," Onnen said. "The revenue neutrality agreement is improper."

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Goleta Chamber Action Alert Follow Up - General Plan - Track 2 Amendments

From Tom Blabey at the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce:

After a year and half of public input, study, and thorough review, the Goleta City Council last night voted to approve all ~45 Track 2 amendments to the General Plan, ranging from land use to traffic to safety element policies. (Track 2 amendments did not require further environmental review)

With only minor exceptions, the Goleta Valley Chamber supported the approved amendments and is please that the Council has completed this first stage in fulfilling campaign promises to fix the General Plan. Below is a brief summary of some of the approved amendments of particular interest to the Chamber:

  • Retail and Other Commercial Centers (LU 1.6) - Now includes large regional commercial centers in language regarding design standards for new and renovated structures. Policy is now consistent with existing conditions.
  • Transfer of Development Rights Ordinance/Program (LU IA-6) - Now allows the consideration of "areas outside the City's jurisdiction as sender and/or receiver sites" to "facilitate regional planning goals."
  • Building Intensity Standards - Per advice from the City Attorney, the Council voted to retain the Floor to Area (FAR) tables in the General Plan, with added language that the standards are "recommended." The Council then directed staff to recalculate the FAR figures to accurately reflect current conditions in the city.
  • Coastal Resort Parcels (LU 9.1) - Council removed an arbitrary cap on the number of units at Bacara Resort as not appropriate for a General Plan.
  • Visual and Historic Element Policies - "Protect" now replaces "preserve" as more appropriate language, per definitions provided by staff and input from the community.
  • Limitation on Expansion of Intersections (TE 6.5) - Now clarifies that the Storke/Hollister intersection is exempt from the city-wide seven lane cap, reflecting both current conditions and city staff's need for flexibility to properly plan for traffic impacts related to growth outside the city limits.
Next up, staff will present the Planning Commission with recommendations for Track 3 amendments in late summer or early fall.

The Goleta Valley Chamber applauds both city planning staff and the Council for their diligence throughout the comprehensive review process.

If you would like further information or have any questions regarding the Council's actions, please contact Tom Blabey at the Chamber at 967-2500 or via email at Or you may view the city staff reports on the city's website

Saturday, June 14, 2008

City Council Agenda Watch

On the City Council's 6/17 agenda...

Afternoon Session:

Evening Session:

Goleta Water District Directors Urged to Resign

Goleta Water District Directors Urged to Resign

Goleta Valley Voice

Board members of the Goleta Water district on Tuesday faced calls for their resignations and the suspension of all new connections, annexations and groundwater pumping in response to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's declaration of a state drought.


The Brown Act, the state's open meeting law, was once again the subject of heated discussion early in the meeting. ... At issue was why the creation of the two committees had never been reported publicly. ... When Ruskey asked Cunningham what he intended to do about the alleged violation of the Brown Act, Cunningham said he guessed he'd "have to suffer with it."

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Missing Adult

Missing Adult - George Snyder Jr., 57 years old.
Goleta - June 5, 2008
Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department

On Thursday, April 10, 2008, George Snyder Jr., was discovered missing from his apartment on Ellwood Beach, in the City of Goleta. George has not been seen or heard from since June 1, 2008. George Snyder Jr. is a white male, 57 years old. Snyder is approximately 5'-7" tall, 160 lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes. George suffers from a mental illness and has not taken his medication for several months. George Snyder Jr. frequents the Goleta downtown area and often uses public transportation to get around town.

Any information regarding George Charles Snyder Jr., please contact the Sheriff's Department, Criminal Investigations Division, at (805) 681-4150.

Friday, June 6, 2008

UCSB Long Range Development Plan

Public Speaks on UCSB's Expansion Plans

Santa Barbara Independent
Based on an increase of 5,000 students from the current enrollment of 20,000, the LRDP would include an additional 1,600 faculty and staff on top of the current 3,350 now employed. Clark's study noted a number of significant impacts, including impacts to Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas (ESHA), cultural, biological, and traffic impacts, and an estimated increase in water consumption of 856 acre feet per year -- a consumption rate he said may exceed the Goleta Water District's projected water supply.

UCSB Long Range Development Plan Documents:

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

3rd District Supervisor... Looks like Farr vs. Pappas in November

With none of the runners for the County Board of Supervisors 3rd District seat securing at least 50% of the vote, it looks like it will be Doreen Farr (35.98% of the vote) vs. Steve Pappas (25.08% of the vote) in a November run-off. (A little over 96% of precincts reporting as of this writing.)

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